Harry The Bot – PT.3 – Hardware prototyping

Last monday (01/08/2016) we came back from recess and the first thing we were told was that we should present an POC of our robot at August 16.

That’s not what we planned but ok, i’ve already had an arduino and some components (transistors, resistors, leds and stuff), then went to the electronics store and bought some specific hardware for our prototype.

We bought this kit (R$ 139,80)


it has:

  • 4 DC engines 3~6V @ 600mA
  • 4 (3″) Wheels and it’s four spacers
  • Some wiring
  • It’s frame and fixation screws (will not be used)

This Arduino Shield (L293D) (R$ 36,80):



And this power switch / power indicators (R$ 4,50):


Since it’s all basically plug’n play, next week i’ll build our chassis and make our robot move 🙂