Harry The Bot – PT.4 – It’s alive!

Today i’ve built one simple chassis to present our robot. I forgot to take step for step pictures, sorry for that, but it’s an simple setup and now, Harry looks like this:


We have four engines, each one in one slot of our L293D and four AAA batteries supplying power for the engines. By now, arduino will be fed by a cabled external power resource.
I’ve also created this small piece of code that makes Harry move randomly just to show that it works.

But not everything is easy like we want to be

My trouble now is that the engines are receiving only 1.5v of its necessary 6v and one of the wheels is receiving only 0.7v. So, at this point, Harry can’t move.

*Commercial Break*

Today, 15/08/2016, we bought some new batteries and some new connectors, now, we have 24V feeding up the engines and Harry can move. It’s Alive!

Dr. Frankenstein screaming

But again, something MUST go wrong, right?

L293D’s C7 capacitor exploded in the moment that I found the above gif. In AdaFruit page, it’s said that this shield can supply up to 36V, BUT  it’s bypass capacitors can handle only 16V. Cool, huh?

Tomorrow i’ll buy some 24v capacitors with 100μF of capacitance power or something that fits and try to make everything work before showing it to our teacher